SOC GX-71 VOLTRON + 3 SHF (Random)


This item will be released 01/08/2021.

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Amazing five beast union system! Reborn here!

――Despite the high price of 9,800 yen at that time, the highest sales of 430,000 pieces in the history of Chogokin were recorded [Chogokin DX Future Beast Combined GoLion] (released in 1981).
――Resurrected as a soul of Chogokin for more than 30 years!
-The screaming face of the symbolic special move scene after coalescence can be reproduced by replacing the face parts!
–The movable mechanism that takes into consideration the sonkyo of each lion, the so-called sitting pose, allows you to take a wide range of poses as in the work.
-A large number of weapons are set in the product. In addition to gun-type weapons and sword-type weapons that can be equipped to each lion, the ten king swords and space cutters that can be equipped when the five beasts united robot are also included.
-All these accessory parts can be stored in the pedestal with the motif of the castle under construction.

[set content]
・ Black Lion
・ Red Lion
・ Green lion
・ Blue lion
・ Yellow lion
・ Ten King Sword
・ Double sword
・ Space cutter
・ Various weapons
・ Dedicated pedestal


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