Pokemon World Shining Sea (Blind Box)


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Pokemon: Collect and Spread! Pokemon World Shining Sea – Blind Box

From Re-Ment allows you to get acquainted with Pokemon that live under the sea!

The unique display shows both the surface of the water and the world beneath the waves; line them all up together or display them separately! You get all six in the box.

Blind assorted:

  • You will receive one figure, selected randomly.
  • Be sure to add the small, cute characters to your collection!
  • There are 6 x possible types to trade and collect!
  • Which one will you get?


  • Pikachu and Popplio
  • Vaporeon
  • Slowpoke and Pyukumuku
  • Squirtle and Staryu
  • Marill and Corsola
  • Dewgong


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