“Frame Arms Girl” Hand Scale Stylet XF-3 Low Visibility Ver.


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Height: approx 80mm.

–Palm-sized [Hand Scale] series, the latest work is Frame Arms Girl [Stiletto XF-3 Low Visibility Ver.]!

–The Frame Arms [Stiletto] designed by Takayuki Yanase has been sculpted in hand scale size based on the illustration by Fumikane Shimada who made her a beautiful girl!

[Product Details]
–Changed the body color to Low Visibility color. Coloring that is easy to combine with MSG.
――The range of motion has been greatly expanded due to the double joints of the knees.
-Comes with 2 types of printed face parts (normal face, front screaming face).
–By using the design data of the plastic model [Frame Arms Girl Stiletto XF-3], high modeling power and high-density details are reproduced in the palm of your hand!
――Although it is a small size with a total height of 80 mm, it can move about 20 places throughout the body.
-Includes smart gun, large Gatling gun, large missile, blade, Gatling gun, and hand missile.
–The normal [Stiletto] state can also be reproduced.
-The back booster will be transformed into a fighter state.
-Decals such as left-pointing and right-pointing eyes are included.
――Two non-printed face parts for attaching decals (normal face, front screaming face) are included.
-Since the arm has a delicate structure, a pair of spare arms is included.
-The wrist comes with a slightly larger weapon handle in addition to the grip and flat hand.
-Comes with 2 weapon grips that can be used to connect with MSG weapons, etc.
-Similarly, 4 parts that convert from 2mm hole to 3mm convex for use in connection with MSG weapon etc. are included.

–Prototype production: Yasutomo Shimizu, Masashi Watanabe, Kana Minamida, Masakazu Owa (MO Craft), Matsumi Numamoto


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