Albedo -Yukata- 1/8 Scale Figure


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Copyright Kugane Maruyama/KADOKAWA/Overlord 3 Production Committee
Height: approx 230mm.
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– Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown -Yukata-
-Albedo in a yukata, with the most cute shy face on his cheeks-From the most evil dark fantasy [Overlord III], Albedo wearing a yukata with a cute shy appearance has appeared.
-On the summer festival date with Ainz, which was exhibited at Anime Japan 2019, Albedo full of happiness has been made into a 1/8 scale figure.
-The humorous expression, with his eyes closed and his cheeks dyed red, is so cute that his chest feels so cute!
-The jet-black wings, which are carefully shaped up to one by one, shine beautifully with blue pearls on the surface.
-Faithfully reproduces the characteristic spider web design of the yukata. We also carefully created the fan with Ain’s print.
-Please come and have it with Aynes.-The expression of `shameful maiden` is so cute!
Unlike the dignified beauty of the Albedo, which is usually attractive, the expression of a shy maiden, with his eyes closed and his face cheeked red with his face down, is a sense of deepness and cuteness that makes your chest feel unintentionally!

-The jet-black wings are carefully and beautifully shaped one by one
The jet-black wings that characterize the albedo are carefully modeled up to one by one, and blue pearls are applied to the surface. When illuminated by light, it beautifully changes brightness.

-Pretty and beautiful from any angle
On the summer festival date with Mr. Ainz, a happy smile, a delicate gesture, beautiful wings and a yukata… I was able to create beautiful and cute figures from any angle.

-Please come and join us with Ainz
*Ainz Wool Gown is not included in this product.

-Prototype production: Moinau
-Coloring production: 920-3

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Item Size/Weight : 30 x 21 x 15 cm / 839g


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